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After earning a BA with honors in Psychology from Fairfield University, I completed a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. While at Nova, I was accepted into a program for the study of Health Psychology, which offered training and education in health and wellness. This has been my lifelong passion, so can be seen woven into each element of my work. 

My clinical training took place in a variety of settings, such as the Boston VA Healthcare System, Suffolk University Counseling Center, and Tufts University. Although I conducted research throughout my work at places such as Boston University and the Miami VA Neuropsychology Center (and many more), I have always focused my attention on honing clinical skills and applying research in practical ways to client care. I am truly grateful I have the opportunity to apply my years of education and experience to my private practice, corporate workshops, and bi-monthly column in Health Magazine. 

mY philosophY

I believe in conducting counseling the way I would like it done for myself. Sessions are a series of conversations where we discuss tough life situations and find options, solutions, and ways to cope. I offer tools to approach life differently, reducing the need for long term counseling. If prior experiences are getting in the way, we explore them in the context of moving forward rather than living in the past.

Feeling confident both physically and emotionally is a key component to happiness. To this end I help clients build skills to achieve good sleep, reduce stress, and have the trust in themselves that form the foundation for confidence. When these things are in place, tough circumstances and mood changes become easier to handle. I believe it is my job to treat each person holistically so you feel strong and ready to manage the challenges coming your way. 

This philosophy translates to the variety of contexts where I contribute. Whether it be workplace wellness, a magazine article, or a self help program, my goal is to offer a holistic solution and sense of hope to help people live calmer and more confident lives.

After earning a BA in Psychology from Tufts University, I went on to pursue dentistry at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine. I soon realized that my passion for connecting with and getting to know my patients grew beyond dental work and subsequently earned my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling at Fordham University.
I received training in Beckian CBT through the Beck Institute and under the supervision of Noah Clyman, founder & director of NYC Cognitive Therapy. I have also completed training in Trial Based Cognitive Therapy (TBCT), Mindfulness-based therapies, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Rachel Lustig, LMHC

My Therapeutic Approach

We all struggle from time to time and it is my goal to truly understand my clients and help them discover untapped strengths so that they can face difficult times with greater ease. My approach to therapy is collaborative and goal-oriented. I offer a supportive environment and individualized approach to help each client reach their full potential.
With a background in medicine, education, and psychology, I draw from my diverse experiences to truly connect with my clients. I have a gentle, empathic style and I am truly passionate about helping others work through obstacles in their personal, social, and professional lives

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