We are excited to talk with you! Dr. Lynn, Rachel, and Caroline all frequently welcome new clients, so reach out to hear about availability. And, don’t worry if you’re new at this. We’ll walk you through the whole process and answer any questions you have.

Please note, all clients begin with a free phone consultation prior to their first appointment.

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Therapy is helpful for all sorts of things, but I can help you decide if it's right for you during our phone consultation, Counseling often enhances the work you are able to do on your own and speeds up the process to make it more efficient. It's similar to trying to do your taxes alone or getting the help of someone who has done it hundreds of times. 

I’m not sure if my problem is something to see a therapist for. How do I know?

We usually discuss your personal history and the situation you are coming in for as well as formulate a plan for our work. If you're not sure what to say, that's not a problem. I know which questions to ask to help me understand your situation and help you get clarity. At the end of our 50 minute session I give you my take on the situation and the ways I can help.

What can I expect in the first session?

A lot of people begin to feel better after the first session, but this varies by the person. It's often a relief to share the responsibility of your situation with someone who can help and have a plan for moving toward a better state of mind.

How soon will I start to feel better?

I do not prescribe medication, but can refer you to a professional that does. I also know taking medication is a very personal choice and can offer my professional opinion and weigh the pros and cons. The choice is always yours.

Do you prescribe medication or often recommend medication to your clients?

I often recommend beginning with 1x/week to get the ball rolling, but this is not required. The goal is to have the treatment feel useful so we decide together what is best. There is no obligation to come more than you want.

How often do you recommend coming in?

You do not have to commit to the same time every week. I usually schedule each session at the end of the current one unless you would prefer a set time. I know schedules change so we work with your schedule.

I have a busy schedule. Do I have to commit to the same time every week?

​Just let me know via email. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, but I appreciate as much notice as you have. If I don't have 24 hours notice I charge a fee for the missed session.

What happens if I have to reschedule?

In many circumstances, yes. It is extremely important that counseling feels like a completely safe environment to talk about concerns. I can help you assess if there might be any competing interests in seeing the same counselor. I have great referrals if we decide it's best to see someone different.

If you see one of my friends, can I see you too?

Under most circumstances, no. I help a lot of clients with relationship concerns and sometimes this involves bringing a partner to therapy for a short time.

Do you see couples?

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