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Why is it so hard to be patient and what can we do about it? So often we are frustrated with the timing of things- job changes, marriage, weight loss, you name it. We want things to happen quickly (I know I do). So what’s the reasoning behind this great impatience and what can we […]

A Reminder to Be Patient

There you were, walking through life, kind of bored, but minding your own business. Same sh*t, different day. Wake up, work, exercise, Netflix, bed. Repeat. You may even sprinkle in a series of dates looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, but they all seemed awful. Then, out of nowhere, someone shows up and everything changes. […]

That Magical Connection

Caretakers. You know who you are. You’re the one everyone calls when things start hitting the fan. You eat an entire meal with friends without a mention of what’s happening in your life (and you didn’t even notice). Your list of priorities for the week clocks YOU in around #15. Sound familiar? In the current […]

The Caretakers Guide to “Do You”

There you were, with your sleeve of Oreos reading your fitness magazine asking yourself, “What the heck is wrong with me that I can’t do what these skinny people are doing? It seems so simple and yet I can’t figure it out.” Your conclusion: I’m a weak human who can’t complete simple tasks. Yup, that […]

Healthy Ain’t Easy

Ah Memorial Day. The start of the magical season. Weekends by the pool, tiny tank tops, rooftop rose with friends. MAGICAL. There are only a few little problems. All your friends always seem to be busy, your body has never worn anything described as “tiny”, and the only person you know with a pool is […]

Summer Scaries

Ever have times when things feel generally, insanely overwhelming? Your eye starts to twitch, your meals mostly come out of a can or a box, and the coffee guy is commenting on how nice it is to see you so often. It feels nearly impossible to stop the waves of demands without a shear stroke […]

When Overwhelmed is an Understatement

The dreaded health slump. We’ve all been there. You’re cutting workouts short, eating your healthy hummus with a whole bag of chips (the good kind), and thanking heaven you never seem to go up a size in your fitness leggings.  One way I get myself out of these ruts is trying new things that inspire […]

Healthy Inspiration: Things I’m Liking Right Now

Ahh, the holidays. That beautiful time of year when overeating is a sport, you’re pressured to explain your life choices to people you never see, and family drama comes at you faster than you can say, “pass the potatoes”.  If you find you’re a bit nervous about heading home this holiday season, here are a […]

3 tips to master holiday visits

Do you find you get super excited to start a new health routine only to lose steam around day six? Your muscles hurt, a pimple decides to pay you a visit, and you’re already tired of the healthy meals you dreamed would change everything. What happened to that promise of extra energy and glowing skin? […]

Wasn’t Getting Healthy Supposed to Make Me Feel Better?